Hey all, this is Michelle here! I hope you enjoy the journeys that I have in mind for you. I will share with you some of my greatest interests, analyses and findings. Some of my greatest epiphanies too! With this, I wish that you can adventure and immerse yourselves within a vast range of proposed theories […]


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Hello world.

We will speak a little about psychology. Prepare yourselves. 25.03.08 How Psychology can change your life Expand your mind Discover your greatest passions (career, talents, hobbies, life-time goals, etc.) Learn to taste each moment of your life to its full Dive into thoughts and sensations that your life moments can bring you Discover the secret […]

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Theory of Life (TL) – What does our Existence mean?

08.07.17 Everything around us is connected and we (all beings) live entangled by constant/continuous communication. Even while we don’t notice it, it is still there. For instance, when we focus our full attention on someone (even unknown), that someone feels that attention (and communication) and instantly (and unconsciously) responds through the same unconscious mean of […]

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TL – Where does our Intelligence lie within this process?

02.05.08 / 08.07.17 Intelligence is relative. According to Piaget: “Intelligence is an adaptation…To say that intelligence is a particular instance of biological adaptation is thus to suppose that it is essentially an organization and that its function is to structure the universe just as the organism structures its immediate environment” (Piaget, 1963, pp. 3-4). Thus, […]

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26.08.17 Dreams really do reside in a different dimension, which is just as existing and real as our awakened dimension/reality. One of the “proofs” or “doorways” to confirm this is, – as supported by the Buddhism followers- , the fact that we can gain ease at entering and exiting our dream dimension, and the fact […]

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